13+ Things You Don’t Know About the Africa

Almost every country in Africa is in some kind of development phase; including the South Africa too. Basic requirements are not equal with that of the other developing countries.

But it doesn’t mean that Africa is low in the natural resources; it has great number of natural resources that other developed countries don’t have.

Here, I have picked up some eye-opening facts about the Africa which you must take a look at:

Eye-Opening Facts About the Africa

1. Home Land to Elephants

World’s largest land living animal, African Elephants, completely belong to the Africa and it’s their homeland.

World's Largest Elephants
Source: CNN.com

2. Home to the World’s Tallest Animals

Giraffe’s are called to be the World’s tallest animal. Africa’s jungles have the greatest type of Giraffes which are considered to be the World’s tallest animals.

World's Tallest Giraffes

3. Africa and Europe Separations

You won’t believe that the Africa and the Europe are separated only by 14 Kilometers. In news, it is being discussed about building the World’s largest bridge.

Africa and Europe 14 km Separation

4. Largest Gold Exporter

Almost 50% of the gold mined around the whole world comes from Africa itself. It has one of the largest Gold mines in the world.

World's Largest Gold Exporter

5. More than 100 Million Facebook Users

Africa itself has more than 100 millions of the Facebook users; which is a lot as per its development stage.

FB Users in Africa

6. More French Speakers than France

Will you believe the fact that in Africa, there are more French speakers than that of the France itself.

French Speaking Countries on the Map

7. Place of Fastest Runners

It is said that the most number of the world’s fastest runners come from the single place called Kenya and the tribe is called as Kalenjins.

World's Fastest Runners - Kalenjins

8. Large Number of Child Labourers

There are a very large number of kids of age ranging from 5 to 14 are involved into the child labour and the number will be around the 40% of the all kids from 5 to 14.

Most Cases of Child Labor in Africa

9. At Some Places, Finding Water is Not Easy

It has been estimated that at some places people have to walk as long as about 4 kilometers in order to get some water.

Finding Water is Not Easy in Africa

10. Lesser Internet Users that NYC

There are lesser numbers of the Internet users in Africa than that of the New York City itself.

Lesser Internet Users in Africa

11. Large Number of Cases of Malaria

More than 90% of the cases of Malaria worldwide is from the Africa itself. You won’t believe that the number is more than 90%… what?

Large Number of Malaria is in Africa

12. Large Number of Natural Resources

You won’t believe this fact also that the Africa owns more than 30% of the natural resources in the whole world.

Natural Resources in the Africa

13. Owns the Longest River in the World

Africa also owns the world’s longest river named as “Nile” which is claimed to be around 6,650 kilometers.

Nile - the World's Longest River

14. Largest Fish Lake

In Africa, the Lake Malavi has the more number of the Fish Species in it than that of the any other fresh water system on the earth.

Largest Number of the Fish Species

It’s a never ending list but if you think I have missed out some important facts about the Africa, then lemme know about them in the comments down below.

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